proletariatpunk (proletariatpunk) wrote,


while i wait for my ride i'll just try to get some more in.. lol

Apperently @ east side your allowed to chill in the library as long as it seems your doing work... weird but i think no one said somethign just because it was some weird midterm schedual.. so we meet this crazy old dude who loves like 50's rocka dn roll and talks like elvis... like really fast and complusive.. while ryhming lol this guy is so crazy! and he gave me some easter candy.. lol

Then we meet up wiht reynaldo and keenan my skating buddies in the library .. and we were just on the computer .. checking out music with matty.. lol and talking about how homo both of them ... and i learned of sites that let get into myspace from school and stuff.. and were just looking for pictures of behmoth.. and drew stuff on them on the paint thingy and printed out some pictuers from penises wiht syphillis.. lol and other weird stuff.. and the old dude would kep coming by to tell us that we could get in trouble for what were doing and to cut it out and this other teacher would form a cross wiht his fingers wen matty walked by him lol.. even though he had liek a little devil tatooed into his arm..

and then i meet some of matty's friends there pretty kool and some domincan dudes who kept fighting wiht eachother over who can play the drivers test game .. and almost broke a key board.. then matty whooped out her metal for the masses cd and one of those kids turned the volume all the way up so the old guy gave us these rediculsly huge head thats wen we formulated a plot to take them .. lol

Dam my ride is hear but i will finnish! someday.. lol
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