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everyone else was doing it! [01 Jan 2007|06:13pm]
In 2007, proletariatpunk resolves to...
Start a punk fund.
Go skateboarding three times a week.
Get back in contact with some old fat records.
Tell my family about ramones.
Put fifty letfist politics a month into my savings account.
Give up deathbound22s.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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its the beggining of the end [16 Sep 2006|09:24pm]
school is great so far.. i've gotten to the point were i can get a whole squad out to come to practice.. this year we might actually have a full soccer team to put on the field and depending on the freshmen we might have a tiny bench! wow .. lol and ironicly since i've been doing more work then coach or anyone eles i had to resign my position of captin and get the seniors that quit to come back so they can be captin... in my eyes it wouldn't be fair to the team wen i have debate and can't go to practice or make games.. but w/e its the progress of the team thats more important.. this school year shouldn't be hard since i have found what i have been looking for ever since i started school... discipline!!! lol funny how people are getting seniorites and i'm just starting to get serious... but yeah

in other news i am trying to get my parents to pay for my plain tix to go work for a bit @ new orleans ... idk if my school will back the trip with a club or anythign but i def. want to go regardles.. idk it would be one of those things were no matter how small u'r actions of generousity or help it will perpetuate it self down the road.. not only for the people who need help rebuilding but for myslef on a personal level..
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been thinking.. [04 Sep 2006|08:18pm]
These last few weeks have been crazy... i've had some pretty awsome times and experiences but one in particular has really changed my additude in life.. i've done some pretty sick shit before and been through a LOT that has put my life with in my very hands or chance @ most ... but this has honestly changed my perspective ... i don't sweat the little things as some would .. i'm reall yhappy with the big picture like i've been in dept or like with money bu tnone of that shit really matters... i'm almost content with the life i have lived so far but being the type of person that i am i want to do so much in the future.. bearly any of it has to do with money or academic succses..the world is so huge but yet i've seen and lived past some of its most occult places..that people don't even dream about.. i just wanna say thnx to the world..
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Its that time of the year again [17 Aug 2006|05:41pm]
brookly banks skate jam this sat.!!! woot its the whole gang and new kids i can't wait.. i have sooo much debate work to do.. and school's soo close it sucks .. i go tsome new skate shoes ... the only ones i'll buy in maybe a year....



lol i can't believe i bough tthe circa's cuz of there shoe laces lol w/e i don;t care and the DVS shoes are hardcore they have 5 stiches along the whole toe and ollie guard.. and well the white ones have nice laces ..

tyra's on the tv... someone is getting eye brows.. she can have mine..
she's really nice ..
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its a bird its a plane.. [12 Jul 2006|04:30pm]
its my plane to michigan.. it was so small like a tiny little jet that was half way full of debaters.. the lady told me we were doing an average of 500 mph.. now thats some fast shit... i'm supposed to be doing research now but well.. w/e i'm not going to finish anyways .. i'm going to dinner and then to take a nap back @ my dorm .. before i have to go back and get yelled @ for not doing any work.. blah blah blah oh yeah i think i broke my pinky while playing ultimate frisbee... its really crooked and i can barly make it move with out it hurting to the point that its no longer fun.. oh well .. lexis nexis is cool...
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i went to texas [24 Jun 2006|11:10pm]
it was fun... i saw some cows among other things .. i must go to to sleep now.. ::beep beep::
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he he he [01 Jun 2006|08:15pm]
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interesting [30 May 2006|09:24pm]
i think that only two teenaged marxists could enjoy reading the age old texts of DAS KAPITAL or looking for leftist organizations in the stacks of a public library... it makes one of the best make out spots if found to date.. or even better.. or worse lol .. making out infront of polluted waters in branchbrook park.. trying to spot fish and laughing as the joggers walk by.. untill you interputed by some fishers lol !!! then you just go on to some deep part covered by bushes and trees .. ahh.. refreshing on such a hot day..
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ha ha ha [29 May 2006|03:53pm]
You Belong in London

You belong in London, but you belong in many cities... Hong Kong, San Francisco, Sidney. You fit in almost anywhere.
And London is diverse and international enough to satisfy many of your tastes. From curry to Shakespeare, London (almost) has it all!
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[17 May 2006|09:56pm]
lol... kissing in the rain.. how romantic? lol
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WALK OUT!!! [28 Apr 2006|11:39pm]
so offically we are having a walk out @ my school were about 100 strong.. and thats not including everyones' friends.. i have also gotten the support from 4 teachers that will be taking the day off and one teacher thats going to be walking out with us and another thats still in consideration of walking out as well or if not defentaly talking the day off.. i have also been giving random speeches during class.. in hallways.. during lunch and have handed out flyer for this weekend but my objective is to flood the school with flyers for monday.. also were finnalizing letters that address the problem from a working class educator point of veiw to be put in teachers mail boxes early monday that should reach about 5 schools in newark/bloomfield..

approching even quicker is satureday were i think i'll have about 10 close friend that i want to experiance the imense force of the leftist movement in america.. this should leave a lasting immpression upon them although i consider most of them aware individuals as well..

on the other hand we have the pesimests or just the right out ignorant.. they make me laugh.. these people are the petty capitalist simpathisers or just the people who's brain has been taken over by the popular american media.. AMERICA FOR AMERICANS? thats what the klan coined as a requiting phrase... we'll loose our jobs? try your wages will go down.. your taxes will go up.. and wiht increased inflation and higher gass prices only one class of people will be affected by this.. THE WORKING CLASS.. white black hispanic asian unemployed legal or "illegal" .. oh an then there are those who think that we can;t make a differance.. oh man these are the ones that have been living in there closets and havent' seen that many people rise up for a cause..

none of these things suprise me .. there are always people trying to live as "white americans" so they try there best to look , act, dress, speak, and be ignorant like one.. i understand its not your fault.. you are brain dead ..but liek them i will put you to sleep like terry schiavo.. HA HA!

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contact me if your intested in coming [28 Apr 2006|10:03pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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AHH!!! [27 Apr 2006|10:31am]
lol.. i haven;t eaten anything in suck a long time .. lol its nice to be home alone. lol i mowed the lawn for the first time this year.. lol then i skated the whole day @ never land.. my legs get cramps every where i move.. lol then i went to go see scary movie 4 .. and lucky sliven... SM4 was kinda gay but it was okay.. and sliven was really good but idk if you have a brain.. (not many people seem to have those) the plot is okay a bit predictable but a overall good and @ the end theres and explantion 4 all you not so bright people lol ..

today i'll most likly be skating @ hoboken or just hit the IFC center in NYC ... but most likly skae since i have NO $$$ lol i need to save as much as possible for this F***ing prom thingy .. arrgg i hope its worth it.. lol w/e i'm out....
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[25 Apr 2006|05:26pm]
this weekend is way too long i'm so f*ing tired... damn we've been having too much fun latly.. maybe its time to sleep and eat @ home lol... later..
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tonight.. i'm tired! [24 Apr 2006|10:41pm]

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some pics from mc donalds. [24 Apr 2006|12:26pm]

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maybe i will finnish today? [24 Apr 2006|10:39am]
so then matty says to her no there not (they really weren't) and the lady tells her not to tell her what her children are and are not... and matty tells her to not tell her what to do... and that its a free country.. so then lady says.. you know what......... your a skank! and matty smiles and says i know.. I WAS DIEING! lol then the manger came out ... and says you kno wwhat shes right you can't curse in fromt of children liek that .. cuz..... thats fucked up.. OMG I WAS LIKE WTF!?! lol oh man yeah so then we got kicked out by an emploee.. so we letf and the fun coninued

damn i g2g
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[23 Apr 2006|10:52pm]
so then we slipped them in our bags and walked out... yeah i know were horrible satantists for stealing.. yeah call the cops on my... w/e so we walk out and walk into truency.. what a blast... so we turn around and ran into a one way street... and we knew that they were either get off or go around.. so we hid in between two houses and peeked out and when we didn;t see any one.. we hauled @ss out and back down to ferry st.... there we walked into the store were they sell fish..and got a 5 finger discount on a fanta.. lol and walked back down to penn station..

on the subway stop of military park ..this lady get on..and started talking to this dude from the back of the subway eating a jamican patty.. saying "i saw you looking @ its since i got on" "you wanna hit this ..what you used to a 60$ ho?" "i aint no 60$ ho i'm a 100$ ho.. " dude says "oh shit then i can;t afford to fcuk your @ss.." and so she puts a leg on the opposite seat from me and says to me "how are you doing papi?....have you ever had black pussy before?" i was like no..she tells me that she hasn;t had any in 8 year that she really tight and they call her the virgin mary... i was ding on the inside but it was too funny for matty.. so i put the head phones on her ..and she tell her that i'm not interested and she responds.. "i aint talking to you ho ho.. you don't need to use a condom to fcuk me baby.." and then she got off @ norflok.. so we laught all the way to bloomfield ave were we were supposed to meet natira.. and well then we saw some mormans acroos @ the other side of the station.. so we start talking liek were in death metal bands.. lol yelling shi^t like fcuk jesus.. and hail satan.. lol and then some other mormans started walkign down the steps to our side and were liek oh its an ambush!! don;t come near satan's hear.. lol oh man so then they got on a subway and left and i was blasting some behomth out of our new head phones.. and this lady that lives in natira's building walks down.. so she asks us what were doing .. and weres natira.. so we tell her we going to go smoke some pot and she's liek let me have some andwere liek no.. lol so she trys to tell us that she's old and she alowed to smoke weed.. oh man .. see what drugs do to you.?? ... and then they left and natria still isn;t there and them liek 20 mins later .. she finnaly walks in wiht helen and christina..

so we get on ths subway and decide that were all going to take a trip to never land.. and so we went down the corner of Bkand waited for the 27 .. lol and christina put on my hoodie to hide from anyone she knew from around there.. and looked like a bog baby in my arms .. lol so so we talked about w.e untill that bus came.. and i saw a fat dude that reminded me of mr guzzio.. lol so i took a picture of him lol

so we go to our stop and took that nice trip to never land.. and so we began to do what we do.. lol and ( i cant talk about this hear)

once we were done we lit a rach that we stuffed in a newport lol it did nothign but we were hungy once we were done.. lol so we walked down to mc donalds lol with a shopping cart.. ot was really dumb but yeah... so we got there and scrapped w,e money we had to buy some food.. and were all chillin and shit so me and matty start to tell them about what happened in the subway.. lol and everyone around us was looking @ us and this lady starts to say that we shouldn;t be talking like that wen there are children around..on spanish lol .. que susios podriod.. and i'm like no me digas in a really gay voice and matty statrs que te pica? lol oh man and she got really mad and her dughter comes out of no were and translates it all to english and wen she walks away i'm like close captioning provided to you by nosey ass bi*ch lol .. and everyone starts dieing.. and then this white lady wiht this oldy lady that were sitting across from us were giving us this crazy look.. and the one decides to get up and tells us to be quite and that were scaring her childeren..

arg i'll really finnish one day!
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CONT. [23 Apr 2006|09:57am]
while i wait for my ride i'll just try to get some more in.. lol

Apperently @ east side your allowed to chill in the library as long as it seems your doing work... weird but i think no one said somethign just because it was some weird midterm schedual.. so we meet this crazy old dude who loves like 50's rocka dn roll and talks like elvis... like really fast and complusive.. while ryhming lol this guy is so crazy! and he gave me some easter candy.. lol

Then we meet up wiht reynaldo and keenan my skating buddies in the library .. and we were just on the computer .. checking out music with matty.. lol and talking about how homo both of them are..lol ... and i learned of sites that let get into myspace from school and stuff.. and were just looking for pictures of behmoth.. and drew stuff on them on the paint thingy and printed out some pictuers from penises wiht syphillis.. lol and other weird stuff.. and the old dude would kep coming by to tell us that we could get in trouble for what were doing and to cut it out and this other teacher would form a cross wiht his fingers wen matty walked by him lol.. even though he had liek a little devil tatooed into his arm..

and then i meet some of matty's friends there pretty kool and some domincan dudes who kept fighting wiht eachother over who can play the drivers test game .. and almost broke a key board.. then matty whooped out her metal for the masses cd and one of those kids turned the volume all the way up so the old guy gave us these rediculsly huge head phones..lol thats wen we formulated a plot to take them .. lol

Dam my ride is hear but i will finnish! someday.. lol
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Today was awsome! [22 Apr 2006|08:33pm]
oh man i don't even know were to start wiht today .. it was so sick sick sick .. lol

lets start wiht the morning .. so i get woken up by my dad @ like 5:50 in the morning and asks me if i want a milk shake..lol so i reluctanly got up and washed up and went down to drink my shake and then i saw he had made bolones too...lol i found it to be weird but i was way too sleepy to question him .. then i ate two bolones and got dressed and left.. i remeber that i forgot to (1. do my rough draft for english and (2. study for pre-cal... i was like fuzz.. i'm not going to school today..

As i wake up from my morning nap (i always fall asleep on my dad wiht my hood and headphones on while riding the subway to school).. i reallize i forgot to formulate a plan.. so i whoop ou tmy phone and i call the ussual cutters.. but everyone told me the same shi* "i need to hand in my paper" ... lol so iw as liek w/e and called my dude fat jose ... he was liek yeah i'll cut .. but i have to go say bye to my girlfriend.. cuz shes going to spain.. i was liek okay w/e so i had nothing to do untill he got out and back from school.. so i hopped back on the subway.... wen i got to davenport i saw my ticket was about to expire so i got off.. and walked to the other side to get back on and continue my nap.. then who do i see? my friend fat jose! so i'm telling him how he's such (p)ussy..and what not and then the anti-christ her self got on the the subway..

Matty.. dear holy evil jesus.. i haven't seen this girl in forever and so i show her the pics from the behmoth and krisuin show.. and she punched me twenty times for not telling her.. and so we kept riding till we got to the military park and fat jose got off.. and i just stayed on .. lol and so my day began..

I had no clue as to wtf i was doing.. but w/e i just kept walking on with matty.. smelling those great awsome smells from down neck..as we walked to east side.. and so we talked about how there were so many posers @ her school.. lol and how i should show them my video's and pics and put them in there place.. lol idk how much i look liek a real metal head but w/e lol but then again he haven't given much thought as to how the fcuk am i supposed to get into her school.. well to begin with they have some serious security in that school.. first you have to scan your id @ the door and that marks you into school then you have to empty you pockets and place your bag down for security to check .. and not only don't i have a east side id but i have mad shi* on my .. like lighters, spray paint, camera, mp3 player, and some other dumb stuff.. so i ditched the can and emptied out my pockets and threw everyting into my bag and mixed in with papers..

So as we aproach the door we come up witht he plan to say that i lost my id and i'm going to buy a new one @ the caf. but in reality what we did was that matty scanned hers and slipped it to me and i scanned it as well.. and well were smooth like that so it worked.. lol .. and the security dude found my mp3 and just told me to leave it home so i was liek okay and we prosceded on wiht our journey.. we were hanging out wait for this teacher of her's to come that she was cool with so that we could chill in there.. lol but that never happend so we went on to the library..

well i g2g so i'll finnish tommrow..
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