proletariatpunk (proletariatpunk) wrote,

its the beggining of the end

school is great so far.. i've gotten to the point were i can get a whole squad out to come to practice.. this year we might actually have a full soccer team to put on the field and depending on the freshmen we might have a tiny bench! wow .. lol and ironicly since i've been doing more work then coach or anyone eles i had to resign my position of captin and get the seniors that quit to come back so they can be captin... in my eyes it wouldn't be fair to the team wen i have debate and can't go to practice or make games.. but w/e its the progress of the team thats more important.. this school year shouldn't be hard since i have found what i have been looking for ever since i started school... discipline!!! lol funny how people are getting seniorites and i'm just starting to get serious... but yeah

in other news i am trying to get my parents to pay for my plain tix to go work for a bit @ new orleans ... idk if my school will back the trip with a club or anythign but i def. want to go regardles.. idk it would be one of those things were no matter how small u'r actions of generousity or help it will perpetuate it self down the road.. not only for the people who need help rebuilding but for myslef on a personal level..
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