proletariatpunk (proletariatpunk) wrote,

been thinking..

These last few weeks have been crazy... i've had some pretty awsome times and experiences but one in particular has really changed my additude in life.. i've done some pretty sick shit before and been through a LOT that has put my life with in my very hands or chance @ most ... but this has honestly changed my perspective ... i don't sweat the little things as some would .. i'm reall yhappy with the big picture like i've been in dept or like with money bu tnone of that shit really matters... i'm almost content with the life i have lived so far but being the type of person that i am i want to do so much in the future.. bearly any of it has to do with money or academic succses..the world is so huge but yet i've seen and lived past some of its most occult places..that people don't even dream about.. i just wanna say thnx to the world..
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