proletariatpunk (proletariatpunk) wrote,


lol.. i haven;t eaten anything in suck a long time .. lol its nice to be home alone. lol i mowed the lawn for the first time this year.. lol then i skated the whole day @ never land.. my legs get cramps every where i move.. lol then i went to go see scary movie 4 .. and lucky sliven... SM4 was kinda gay but it was okay.. and sliven was really good but idk if you have a brain.. (not many people seem to have those) the plot is okay a bit predictable but a overall good and @ the end theres and explantion 4 all you not so bright people lol ..

today i'll most likly be skating @ hoboken or just hit the IFC center in NYC ... but most likly skae since i have NO $$$ lol i need to save as much as possible for this F***ing prom thingy .. arrgg i hope its worth it.. lol w/e i'm out....
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