proletariatpunk (proletariatpunk) wrote,

Today was awsome!

oh man i don't even know were to start wiht today .. it was so sick sick sick .. lol

lets start wiht the morning .. so i get woken up by my dad @ like 5:50 in the morning and asks me if i want a milk so i reluctanly got up and washed up and went down to drink my shake and then i saw he had made bolones i found it to be weird but i was way too sleepy to question him .. then i ate two bolones and got dressed and left.. i remeber that i forgot to (1. do my rough draft for english and (2. study for pre-cal... i was like fuzz.. i'm not going to school today..

As i wake up from my morning nap (i always fall asleep on my dad wiht my hood and headphones on while riding the subway to school).. i reallize i forgot to formulate a plan.. so i whoop ou tmy phone and i call the ussual cutters.. but everyone told me the same shi* "i need to hand in my paper" ... lol so iw as liek w/e and called my dude fat jose ... he was liek yeah i'll cut .. but i have to go say bye to my girlfriend.. cuz shes going to spain.. i was liek okay w/e so i had nothing to do untill he got out and back from school.. so i hopped back on the subway.... wen i got to davenport i saw my ticket was about to expire so i got off.. and walked to the other side to get back on and continue my nap.. then who do i see? my friend fat jose! so i'm telling him how he's such (p)ussy..and what not and then the anti-christ her self got on the the subway..

Matty.. dear holy evil jesus.. i haven't seen this girl in forever and so i show her the pics from the behmoth and krisuin show.. and she punched me twenty times for not telling her.. and so we kept riding till we got to the military park and fat jose got off.. and i just stayed on .. lol and so my day began..

I had no clue as to wtf i was doing.. but w/e i just kept walking on with matty.. smelling those great awsome smells from down we walked to east side.. and so we talked about how there were so many posers @ her school.. lol and how i should show them my video's and pics and put them in there place.. lol idk how much i look liek a real metal head but w/e lol but then again he haven't given much thought as to how the fcuk am i supposed to get into her school.. well to begin with they have some serious security in that school.. first you have to scan your id @ the door and that marks you into school then you have to empty you pockets and place your bag down for security to check .. and not only don't i have a east side id but i have mad shi* on my .. like lighters, spray paint, camera, mp3 player, and some other dumb stuff.. so i ditched the can and emptied out my pockets and threw everyting into my bag and mixed in with papers..

So as we aproach the door we come up witht he plan to say that i lost my id and i'm going to buy a new one @ the caf. but in reality what we did was that matty scanned hers and slipped it to me and i scanned it as well.. and well were smooth like that so it worked.. lol .. and the security dude found my mp3 and just told me to leave it home so i was liek okay and we prosceded on wiht our journey.. we were hanging out wait for this teacher of her's to come that she was cool with so that we could chill in there.. lol but that never happend so we went on to the library..

well i g2g so i'll finnish tommrow..
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